Motion Sickness

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Source: Genius

On “Motion Sickness,” Bridgers sings about how an older man has caused her distress in the form of what she describes as “emotional motion sickness,” explaining how he built her up and broke her heart — eventually leaving her behind.

During a live performance on NPR’s Tiny Desk series, Bridgers stated the meaning of the song:

[…] being in love with someone who is super mean to you… like conflicted feelings.

In a later performance on radio station KCRW, Bridgers revealed,

[“Motion Sickness”] was a song I wrote about Ryan Adams.

Ryan Adams recorded Bridgers' debut EP Killer in 2015.

In a 2019 article from The New York Times, Bridgers and other artists came forward and described Adams as physically, sexually, and emotionally abusive, noting that he used his influence as a popular musician to control young female collaborators and rising musicians.