Yes I am a gamer, no I don't want to use the Laptop for gaming....

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Yes I am a gamer, no I don't want to use the Laptop for gaming.

The Laptop in question is the 'Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 Gen 7', I can't out right purchase it outright as any device is way to pricy for me. So it would be an monthly payment through 2 years.

Why do I want the Laptop?
I've been pushing myself to edit videos and have got to the stage that I have registered a company that I'll be doing this under. Sure my PC would do the ok job, it runs the programs I need such as Premiere Pro but I feel a more portable set up might be needed in the future for as my partner wants to go away to so many places in the future, the ability to move rooms in the house when I feel I no longer can work in the room such as my office to the sitting room as well as if it comes to it I can use the laptop for more 'high-end' gaming on the go in my spare time.

Why this Laptop?
Well I saw it on my phone providers website as I was checking when my current laptop is due to finish it's cycle (The laptop I have currently only have 4GB of ram and can barely open the internet) also it cost like ~£40 a month.

How much would I be paying?
The cost on the website is £42 a month with £10 upfront cost.

This does come with a 'bonus' of 2 year subscriptions of Microsoft Office 365 and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


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    So, alternative take. If you have a home PC would you be better upgrading it and getting a cheaper laptop for more basic use?

    Basically do you really need a mobile work horse? If you're doing video work then you may be better with a graphics card or CPU upgrade £ for £. Do you really want to be editing videos on your sofa or in bed? It doesn't seem like the easiest of most productive way to work in that particular use.

    You can also stream any game from your PC to a laptop (or other devices) using Steam or other streaming tech. The pc can be on but with the sound and screen off, while you're elsewhere streaming a game.

    So maybe a PC upgrade and a shared basic laptop for video and internet would be enough? The only downside is if you genuinely think you would want to do full on video work on the go - out of the home or abroad for example. Then it makes more sense.

    But if this is more talking yourself into buying an expensive toy, there may be better toys to be had.

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      @BananaTrifleViolin Hey I get what you are trying to get at, My current PC set up is very basic and really outdated (And is only get even more outdated in the next few years), The problem I have is that due the previous owner of my PC the screws have been rounded off along with the case being to small for a new GPU making upgrading of the PC almost impossible if I can even find parts of a good affordable price.

      As mentioned in my post, the reason I'm looking for a portable work horse is due to the need to move around, I hope to spend time in the evenings with my partner and then we go to bed, I then spend time replying to emails, messages on Kbin as well as editing videos (If I have any, sitting in bed next to my partner helps well doing the 'lighter' work but some is a bit taxing). The option to also pack up and go away for the weekend without struggling to work is a helpful thing for me as it means I shouldn't lose momentum as that slows me down so much even making projects take x100 more time.

      Even know I don't want to use the laptop for gaming, it is an option from my experience you need both a really, really good connection to stream gaming and the games I enjoy playing are online competitive such as CS2 what that latency can really effect the results of your game.

      But yes if I was to purchase a gaming portable device to mess around with I would be looking at something like a Steam Deck, I'm more thinking of the possible benefits it could give my Video Editing and possible money I could make from editing others content as my company i'm building is preparing to launch. (Also a Steam Deck can't be paid off by monthly payments)

      I know saving is an option but even in a year that's only £504 sure enough for something like a Steam Deck outright but through that time I'm stuck with my PC that seems to be getting to the end of it's life (Had a few blue screens the past year, so maybe a year or so left on it) as well as possibly losing out on the opportunity to edit on the go like if I'm visiting family or friends for the weekend or need to go up to London (As I've had to do that a few times the past year due to Activist stuff - Travel Paid by someone else, so easier).

      Thanks you for the great feedback.