Federation with mastodon/misskey not working?

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Submitted ⁨3⁩ ⁨years⁩ ago by ShyKana to [email protected]

I was testing on mastodon v3.2.0/v3.2.1 and misskey v12.55.0

Follow requests not working

When I was trying to follow a community (eg. @[email protected] or @[email protected] ) from Mastodon or Misskey, the follow request seemed to be always pending (masto: Cancel follow request; misskey: Processing...).

It seems that the follow request is accepted but mastodon or misskey can't receive the Accept activity.

Nov 15 05:16:17 exopla lotide[450339]: ActorAndObject { actor: OneOrMany(Left(AnyBase(Left(IdOrBase(Left("https://lotide.exopla.net.eu.org/communities/1")))))), object: OneOrMany(Left(AnyBase(Left(IdOrBase(Left("https://mastodon.online/e6566c56-d3f5-4085-9ac0-25fe0160a761")))))), inner: Activity { result: None, instrument: None, inner: Object { attachment: None, attributed_to: None, audience: None, content: None, summary: None, url: None, generator: None, icon: None, image: None, location: None, tag: None, start_time: None, end_time: None, duration: None, published: None, updated: None, in_reply_to: None, replies: None, to: None, bto: None, cc: None, bcc: None, inner: Base { context: Some(OneOrMany(Left(AnyBase(Left(IdOrBase(Left("https://www.w3.org/ns/activitystreams"))))))), id: Some("https://lotide.exopla.net.eu.org/communities/1/followers/18/accept"), kind: Some(Accept), name: None, media_type: None, preview: None, unparsed: Unparsed({}) } } } }

Mentioning ( @ some community ) not working

I think with a non-lotide account, you can mention a community to have your post posted in the community. But on mastodon or misskey, it seems you can't do that.

Can these be resolved somehow? Thanks!