Comment on Federation with mastodon/misskey not working?

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Really sorry that I didn't notice your comment, but it seems I'm still having the issue. Here is how I try to reproduce it:

  1. Log into my account on a mastodon server (mine is mastodon.online with mastodon v3.2.0);
  2. Look up a lotide account in the search bar (I tried @[email protected] and @[email protected] to test different versions of lotide);
  3. Go to the profile page of the lotide account from the search results (by clicking on the account avatar);
  4. Click the "Follow" button;
  5. (The follow button immediately changes into an "Unfollow" button,) but let's fresh the page to see if the frontend is just too lazy to check the real following status;
  6. And after refreshing the page, the button shows "Cancel follow request", which probably means that the "Follow" request is not yet "Accept"'ed? (Following another mastodon user successfully shows a blue "Unfollow" button.)